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At Scorpion Capital Management we hold equality and the treatment of all close to us. As such we strive to hold our suppliers and the firms and companies that we work with also be diverse to be able to offer the best services to our clients and us.

Diverse Funding

To further our goal we have also established a program where we work with our clients who are diverse and work with other diverse initiatives whether that be through Corporate Venture Arms, Diverse Venture Funds, Diverse Grants, and diverse procurement stages.

Our goal is for all of our clients to thrive and have all of the resources that they need to be able to have the highest Return on Investment for an investor. This means that having an investor that has the same goal as you is often key.

Social Impact

At Scorpion Capital Management we believe that being involved in the community is just as important as in the office. This is why we support the following organizations: 

  • United Way 
  • Cancer Society