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Capital Raising

When you are a founder your main goal is to always grow the company and deliver product to the customer. As you bring on new customers there is a need to hire more people and the cost that are incurred to be able to support the client whether that be support people, supply chain or manufacturing the need to take on more money is needed. 

At Scorpion Capital Management we realize that your time is better spent working on growing and managing your business then trying to establish relationships in the investment/venture world. We have established relationships with institutional investors including family offices, venture capital firms, private equity firms, foundations and endowments, as well as corporations which often bring with them strategic resources. 

When you are working with Scorpion Capital Management, the investors that we bring to the table know that you are a company that is on the rise. They know that you are company that has already been vetted and one that something significant can happen within 18 months.

Types of Capital Raising


  • Common Equity
  • Preferred Equity
  • Options, Warrants and other Derivatives


  • Subordinated Debt
    • Convertible Debt
    • Non-Convertible Debt
  • Senior Debt
    • Lines of Credit
    • Unsecured Senior Debt
    • Secured Senior Debt
  • Venture Debt

Ready to raise capital for your business?