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Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Going through the process of purchasing and selling a company is more daunting then simply writing a check for an entity. At Scorpion Capital Management we take the approach of great people build  great companies when taking on an merger and acquisition. Each approach is different given the different result wanted by you. 

Our sell-side and buy-side investment banking services help business owners grow and protect the value of their businesses. Whether it’s through a sale of the business or helping to manage an acquisition to expand.

When selling a company there are many things to consider then simply the purchase price. At Scorpion Capital we go through and understand the people that are apart of the company along with their business to be able to facilitate the smoothest and best purchase for all parties involved. With the help of our Trust and Family Office group we are able to provide sellers the opportunity save on taxes for the transaction allowing the seller to walk away with more money in their pocket. 

  • Managing divestments of majority and minority stakes
  • Advising on exit strategies for financial investors
  • Securing equity funding for strategic growth
  • Management of LBOs and MBOs
  • Advisory on mergers and joint ventures

Deal Flow

We have partners, relationships and tools all over the world that allows us to identify targets that help grow your company or portfolio.

Understanding your unique position

We work with subject matter and strategy experts to ensure that we understand your unique position and goals.

  • Growth Planning
  • Portfolio Expansion
  • Corporate Acquisitions

Target, acquire and grow your business.