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Trust Services

We are pleased to be able to offer the following trust services out of Nevada to our clients to further the serving of our clients.

Independent Corporate Trustee
Directed Trust Services
Nevada Foreign Grantor Trust Administrators
Special Asset Trust Services

At Scorpion Capital Management we offer Special Asset Trust Services. You may ask what is a Special Asset? A special asset class is classified as an intangible object that is held by the trust. One of the areas that Scorpion Capital Management is able to further serve is by being able to offer loans for Assets that are held in trust.

Special Asset Trusts include the holding of:

  • Intellectual Property:
  • Real Estate:
  • Income Producing Property:
  • Art, cars, jewelry: These are items that have intrinsic or personal value that you would like to take advantages of Nevada’s asset, privacy and tax benefits

Life Insurance Trust